Monday, January 03, 2011

Klein’s Private Farewell to NYC Principals

Here's Frederick Hess's take on the letter (and Klein):

Klein's Private Farewell to NYC Principals

By Frederick Hess 12/24/2010 0 Comments

I'm going to miss Joel Klein. Love him or hate him (and I love him, especially when we disagree on something), the New York City chancellor has cut a huge swath in K-12 schooling for nearly a decade. My friend Diane Ravitch thinks he exemplifies what's wrong with 21st century schooling. Me? I think he's been a principled, relentless, and creative champion of school improvement and that he has had an enormously salutary effect on American education.

Anyway, a source was kind enough to share Klein's final weekly memo to NYC's principals. It's classic Klein and makes clear that there's a slew of unfinished business ahead (giving lie, I'd think, to the notion that his successor need only "execute" Klein's agenda).

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