Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tough-love Chinese mother draws shock and awe

My in-laws in Hong Kong sent me this article from the South China Morning Post:


A leading Chinese-American scholar has ignited a debate about an age-old East-West divide - parenting.

Amy Chua, an influential political writer and law professor at Yale University, wrote an incendiary column in The Wall Street Journal over the weekend arguing Chinese mothers are better at raising children than women in the West.

Her column has been debated in major US newspapers and top-rating TV shows such as Today, and picked up by the international media. And it has generated intense interest among parents in Hong Kong, whose own upbringing methods are similar to that described by Chua, if not even more extreme.

Provocatively titled "Why Chinese mothers are superior", the 2,500-plus-word column - which at times borders on hilarity because of the extreme approach Chua describes in disciplining her two young daughters, Sophia and Louisa - has generated more than 3,000 reader responses on the Journal's website, some with praise but most with vitriol.


Tough-love Chinese mother draws shock and awe

Alex Lo, South China Morning Post
Jan 13, 2011

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