Friday, February 04, 2011

Ed Reformer of the Month

Speaking of DFER and ERN, you can help us every month by supporting our Ed Reformer of the Month.  The number of checks REALLY matters, so even if it's only $25, please donate.  Here's Joe's email about this month's reformer:


Dear Friend,

It's time again for our Ed Reformer of the Month! I know, you're still digging out from snow-mageddo-pocalypse 2011 but this is important. There are dramatic things happening in Boston.

In the last few weeks, Mayor Tom Menino has been talking tough about a new teachers contract that would extend the school day, give principals more hiring leeway, and tie teacher pay to student performance. It's spurred a debate Boston really hasn't seen before.

These changes are on the table today because of the work of a Boston City Councilor, John Connolly. As education committee chair, he orchestrated an eight-hour hearing on the 255 page union contract, calling parents, students, community organizers, and education experts to testify. In the process, he completely reset the agenda.

Here's the rub: Connolly is up for reelection this year. Don't think for a second that the deep-rooted special interests in Boston will just let this happen. What John needs right now is money. CLICK HERE to make a contribution today. Contribution limits are low in Boston, so every dollar goes an especially long way.



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