Thursday, February 17, 2011

Florida Appeal

Here's an appeal by ed reform warrior in Florida, John Kirtley:


Late last year, you very kindly supported Rep. Oscar Braynon in his effort to go from the Florida House to the state Senate. This is a special election to replace someone who won a seat in the U.S. Congress.


Oscar is one of our best Democrats in Florida. He has voted for the expansion of the tax credit scholarship program three times, against extreme pressure from the union. Before his first vote, the union threatened to run someone against him (they didn't). Oscar even takes heat at home--his wife is a public school teacher and against choice!


Last week, Oscar won his Democratic primary. This was expected to be a safe Democrat seat. However, the Haitian community has united around the Republican candidate--simply because he is Haitian. The race is now very competitive.


Because it is an off time election, turnout will be key. The best thing Oscar can do is work his get out the vote efforts. That must be done with "hard money", as opposed to spending from our 527. Hard money contributions are limited to $500 per person.


Is there any chance you could help this great Democrat down the stretch? Should he win, he will be a prominent K12 reformer in the Senate of the fourth largest state--a poster boy for DFER if there ever was one.


Individuals and companies can give a maximum of $500. Couples can give $1,000 combined. Checks can be made out to "Oscar Braynon for State Senate" and sent to me at the following address:


John Kirtley

339 South Plant Avenue

Tampa FL 33606


Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please pass this on to any other Democrat who you think might be interested. As always I am grateful for the help you provide us in our fight for parental choice low income families.

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