Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Supporter of Gov. Walker

Here's the opposite point of view from a friend who supports Gov. Walker:


If we had the Wisconsin solution in every state, the impact would be the following:


-          More responsive and efficient government services

-          Increasing productivity from the public sector --- for example, if one can automate most commercial activities, we ought to be able to put most public services on the Internet as well (most Texas DMV activities can be done entirely on-line --- in NYC, none)

-          A more skilled public work force (we could invest tax dollars in training and skill development rather than investing in promoting laziness)

-          Far healthier fiscal situation

-          Most important, we would avoid: 1) making public workers a permanently protected special class; 2) the conflict between the bureaucrats and those who pay their bills; and 3) the perpetual "self-negotiating", as you aptly called it, between politicians and public unions.


…This battle also matters in terms of education because if the public unions win this round then the Teachers Unions, who are at the forefront of the protest effort (what about keeping schools open and educating children?!), will have won in a big way as well.  Their position will be unassailable going forward.

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