Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waiting for Superman DVD

The Waiting for Superman DVD I'd ordered from Amazon ( arrived yesterday, so I'll repeat the offer I made in my recent email: if $17.99 is an obstacle for you, I will BUY YOU A COPY if you promise to organize a showing for at least a dozen people – just email Leila at and she'll order it.  Here's Jonathan Schorr on it:


Hello friends,


I wanted to pass along some pieces of good news from NewSchools, and to ask for a small favor.


The Waiting for "Superman" DVD is out, and we're really excited to have a five-minute video included on the DVD that highlights the amazing work being done by education innovators to change lives for low-income kids.


We really want more people to see Waiting for "Superman", and to highlight its importance, we're making an announcement today. Back when the movie first came out, we made a promise that if 150,000 people pledged to see the movie, we would invest $5 million in entrepreneurial organizations that improve public education for low-income kids. The viewers kept their side of the bargain, and now we're keeping ours. We'll be announcing grants significantly over that $5 million target over the next couple of months, and we've started today by announcing three new investments worth about $2 million. All of these investments are aimed at driving innovation toward specific areas where our system doesn't do well enough in providing low-income kids with a quality public education. The news has already been picked up in the innovation media, but we'd like to see it circulate in other worlds as well.


We are asking for your help getting this news around. Please check out the announcement at and the video at It would be spectacular if you would mention these links on blog posts, Twitter and Facebook, "like" them on Facebook. Again, the key links are:


·         Grant announcements:

·         Video:


Thank you!!





Jonathan Schorr  |  Partner 

NewSchools Venture Fund

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