Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bill Would Move Some Teachers Up Layoff Line

The fight to rescind seniority-based layoffs took a big step forward in NY when a bill was introduced in the state senate.  Here's the WSJ's Barbara Martinez on it, with an illuminating chart showing how many NYC teachers fall into the various categories that could lead to dismissal – it's stunning that 529 teachers are still on the job after being "found guilty of criminal charges"!

As New York City threatens to lay off 4,650 teachers, a state senator introduced bill that would put teachers who are chronically late, have had poor performance ratings or have been convicted of a crime within the past five years at the top of the layoff list.

State law requires teachers to be laid off on a seniority basis—regardless of whether the teachers are effective or even if they have been found to have committed wrongdoing.


Bill Would Move Some Teachers Up Layoff Line


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