Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Memphis Votes for County to Run Schools

Speaking of Tennessee, where MAJOR reforms are underway, this is interesting – an issue that is faced by many cities and surrounding suburbs:

Memphis residents voted Tuesday to transfer the administration of the city's schools to the county, supporting earlier moves by city officials and effectively putting an end to the city school system.

The referendum is the first time that voters have weighed in on the fate of the schools, a racially and politically charged issue that has fueled months of debate and political brinkmanship and pitted the city against its suburbs and many state lawmakers.

Voters decided roughly two-to-one that the 103,000 students in the city's schools should join the 47,000 suburban students in one countywide system. State law limited the vote to city residents.

Still, the issue remains in uncertain legal territory, subject to numerous lawsuits. In the short term, it is even unclear just who will be in charge of city schools.


March 8, 2011

Memphis Votes for County to Run Schools


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