Wednesday, April 06, 2011

KIPP, teachers union reach 10-year agreement

GREAT news from Baltimore (article below):


March 16, 2011


Dear KIPP Baltimore supporters,


I have some exciting news to share about KIPP Baltimore.


This afternoon, KIPP Baltimore and the BTU reached an agreement in principle for a ten-year contract that will ensure the continued operation of the KIPP Baltimore program.  


Under this ten-year agreement, our teachers will be able to work a 9-hour school day, and participate in summer school, in exchange for receiving a 20 percent premium for the extra time. When singed, the agreement will go into effect July 1, 2011.


We have also built in safeguards for the schools and the teachers in case of financial uncertainties in the future.  For example, KIPP Baltimore will set aside an amount equal to 2 percent of the funds designated for teachers' salaries to protect the 20 percent premium for teachers.   


As a result of this agreement, KIPP has asked its sponsors, Senator Catherine Pugh, and Delegate Sandy Rosenberg to withdraw the legislation (Senate Bill 449 / House Bill 792) once the agreement is signed. The hearings scheduled for this week have been cancelled.  We greatly appreciate Senator Pugh and Delegate Rosenberg for their leadership and support.  


We want to thank BTU President Marietta English, AFT Executive Vice President Loretta Johnson, and AFT senior research director Jewell Gould, for working so collaboratively to come to this agreement.


We are grateful to our teachers, parents, and community supporters for standing behind our schools. Thank you very much!




Jason Botel

Executive Director, KIPP Baltimore


KIPP, teachers union reach 10-year agreement

Deal cuts school day by half-hour, lowers teacher pay slightly

8:12 p.m. EDT, March 16, 2011,0,6986838.story

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