Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Newark Quote

I forgot to highlight this paragraph in Barbara Martinez's article, Facebook Money Causes Rift in Newark (, which I sent around in my last email:

Ms. Crump joined a union rally and protest outside of City Hall Wednesday afternoon before the public hearing. She implored the protesters to vote for a certain slate of candidates on April 27. "We have a clear choice between those who will do nothing for labor and those who will do everything for labor," she said into the microphone. She told the protesters to vote for the three candidates who "are about labor." She then led people in a chant: "Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs," and added: "Jobs that are safe and secure!"

This perfectly sums up the titanic struggle underway for the future of the American K-12 educational system: will it continue to serve first and foremost as a jobs system for adults, or an educational system for ALL children???

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