Friday, April 01, 2011

Quality in the classroom

DFER's Joe Williams with an Op Ed in the Albany Times Union on LIFO:

With Republican governors across the nation looking for new ways to demean and disparage public school teachers, it was refreshing to see Gov. Andrew Cuomo take a different tack. He proposed legislation to expedite an agreed-upon evaluation system that could be used as early as next school year to elevate the quality and professionalism of New York's teaching work force.

While Cuomo's bill will have a positive impact on the state's education system years down the road, it doesn't address a major threat to teacher quality this year: seniority-based layoffs.

It is time for Cuomo to lead on the issue by eliminating the state law that requires layoffs to be based on seniority rather than effectiveness.


Quality in the classroom

Layoffs by seniority are not in the best interests of students
By Joe Williams

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