Sunday, May 15, 2011

World War III

Reformers are unreasonable zealots who have needlessly triggered World War III.


I and every reformer I know went through a naïve phase before we finally realized that the system isn't broken – instead, it runs pretty much the way it's designed to: namely, to create good jobs for six million adults and lots of benefits to politicians, with students coming in far behind.  Remember, students don't vote and they don't have a union, so it's only in areas with educated, wealthy parents who can effectively advocate for their children where the schools are pretty good.


World War III is indeed occurring here, but it's not because reformers are idiotic extremists who deny obvious things like the impact a student's background has on his ability to learn.  It's because reforming the system to deliver a quality education to EVERY child, not just those who win the ovarian lottery, is enormously threatening to millions of adults who like things just the way they are.

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