Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A friend’s take on what’s going on at the NAACP:


The NAACP has a ton of older life members that remember segregation firsthand.  We see this in the local branch in [my town] and where I used to live as well.  These are people, now in their 70s (and up) who fought and won hard battles, harder than anything going on today.  However, in my view, the next generation of active local people isn't as strong, so sometimes the organization seems stale at the local level.  Here, some of the local activism is present in the churches rather than the NAACP.


I've read the National NAACP's position on charter schools and it's actually quite thoughtful and reasonable. However on the local level schools are about one thing, JOBS.  In [my town], and a lot of places, the school system is the largest employer and Black unemployment is elevated.  It appears to me the teachers' unions are pimping the NAACP, and it's unfortunate.

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