Tuesday, June 07, 2011

NAACP fights to keep kids trapped in failing schools

The Education Action Group's take on the NY NAACP supporting the union's lawsuit (their protest apparently had about 50 people there (probably mostly paid) vs. 3,000 (!) parents who showed up last week to protest the NAACP's sellout):


    Friday morning, the NAACP protested outside the office of the Success Charter Network and its founder, former city councilwoman Eva Moskowitz. The protests succeeded in at least one way: Americans now understand that the nation's best-known civil rights organization has officially sold its soul to the teachers union. 


    The NAACP is protesting Moskowitz for her efforts to bring charter schools into New York City neighborhoods that contain failing traditional public schools.


    Today's protests are an outgrowth of the NAACP's decision to join New York City's United Federation of Teachers in a lawsuit against the city. Both organizations want to halt city plans that would close a number of failing traditional public schools, increase the number of public charter schools, and allow charters to share building space with traditional schools.


    Despite the fact that many civil rights groups around the nation strongly support school choice initiatives that free inner-city children from subpar schools, the NAACP strongly opposes school choice.


    When so many African-American students stand to gain from better school options, the question must be asked: Why does the NAACP work against the interests of its constituents?


    We have to believe that the NAACP's opposition to school choice is motivated by traditional political alliances and financial considerations.


…    "The NAACP is doing its constituency a disservice by carrying the water for the United Federation of Teachers. The bottom line is that the NAACP is suing to keep a lot of black kids trapped in really bad schools, with no options for escape."

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