Friday, June 03, 2011

Valerie Strauss is the Lou Dobbs of Education

While I was on Jay Greene's blog website, I found this spot on commentary about Ravitch's uber-shill, Valerie Strauss:

This all comes to mind when thinking about the transformation of the Washington Post's Valerie Strauss from bland education reporter into the outspoken channeler of Diane Ravitch and Alfie Kohn.  Just a few years ago, Strauss was writing conventional education stories from which it would have been hard to detect her preferences.  To the extent that her views were present, they seemed to reflect common ideas about the importance of having effective teachers.

…I have no idea which one is the real Valerie Strauss, the conventional education reporter or the blow-hard blogger, but I do know that both cannot be genuine.  I also suspect that the Washington Post will tire of the blow-hard incarnation just as CNN tired of the new Lou Dobbs.  In the end, the Washington Post is a very respectable newspaper whose credibility will be hurt by Valerie Strauss playing the role (or truly being) the high-priestess in the Diane Ravitch Cult.


Valerie Strauss is the Lou Dobbs of Education

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