Thursday, July 28, 2011

A comment on Gary’s claim:

A friend with a comment on Gary's claim that "I think you'll agree, though, that TFA doesn't seem to get just one percent of the attention or one percent of the resources":


This is a variation on something that keeps coming up – this idea that TFA (or charters, etc.) have all the money and power and attention, and the poor neglected public schools get none of it.  The public believes this and I constantly hear "why don't you guys focus all that money and effort on the public schools?..."


Hello!  TFA and all the charters and all the reform political efforts add up to less than 1% of what the government system spends.  We are the David's, not the Goliaths!


The blob sucks up almost all of the resources, time, political power, 30 years of commentary over "a nation at risk" etc.  We finally dare to make an impact with a few tiny crumbs, and the blob wants that as well!

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