Friday, July 01, 2011

Not Diane Ravitch

It wouldn't be an email from me without a slap at Ravitch, so here you go: check out the hilarious Twitter site called Not Diane Ravitch at:!/NOTDianeRavitch.  It has compiled wonderful quotes from her that are shockingly at odds with her current union tripe – here are a few examples:


- Advice to incoming mayor Bloomberg in a NYT article on 11/12/01: ''Here's what a Republican would look at,'' said Diane Ravitch, the education historian. ''Not, are the employees happy, but are the customers satisfied -- and the customers are the children. There are a million-plus children, and I think it's an immensely important leap to say, what if every child were the mayor's child?''


- The contract with principals should give them greater control over their schools' budgets, staffing, purchasing and meals.


- Bloomberg must insist on new working arrangements to deregulate the schools and ensure that principals have the authority to make decisions.


- Extraordinary efforts must be made to improve education of blacks, including charters, school management by contract, and parental choice.

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