Tuesday, August 16, 2011

debate with Gary Rubenstein about speaking fees

Gary Rubenstein wrote:


People deserve money for their time.  Rhee gets $50,000, not including first class all the way.  Does she 'disclose' her $50,000 fee?  No, and I don't think that she has any obligation to either.

My response:


I clearly said my beef wasn't with her taking speaking fees, but rather her lack of disclosure – and her outrageous attacks on people like me for doing PRECISELY what she's doing – except we're not, and she knows it.  She lies again and again, knowingly…


Regarding your Michelle Rhee analogy, if she got the fee from, say, a for-profit charter network and then was interview by the media and was defending for-profit charter schools, then I sure as heck hope that she would disclose the fees she'd received, or that would be a similar breach.  Do you have evidence of something like this? 


For the right way to do this, see my Huff Po article on Rebutting Seven Myths about TFA (http://www.arightdenied.org/rebutting-7-myths-about-teach-for-america/).  Look at how I'm identified, plus I disclose my role in helping start TFA in the first paragraph.

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