Monday, August 29, 2011

Diane Ravitch: Union speaking fees did not change my mind

I was hoping not to have to comment further on Ravitch's speaking fees, but need to mention two brief items: first, an article in (below) says that Brill and I believe that Ravitch's "famous change of heart [was] inspired by fees from the teachers union." I don't believe this and neither does Brill.  In fact, I specifically wrote that her taking speaking fees:


by itself isn't a problem EXCEPT that: a) she's never disclosed these large payments, which anyone listening to her should know about; and b) she's a total hypocrite for criticizing reformers like me for supposedly making a lot of money from our activities (when in truth I've never taken a SINGLE PENNY and have instead given countless thousands of dollars and hours), while doing precisely this herself.


And here is what Brill told GothamSchools:

Brill told me that he wasn't suggesting that Ravitch had altered her views because of union support. He said that he meant only to draw attention to the need for people who speak about education to disclose any payments they receive. He said he would have included the accurate accounting if Ravitch had given it to him when he interviewed her and will include the new details in future editions of the book.

"I certainly don't think she in any way shaped her views based on speaking fees," Brill said. "I think anyone who reads that into the book is just wrong."


Diane Ravitch: Union speaking fees did not change my mind

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