Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Otis Rolley for Baltimore Mayor

In June I wrote about Otis Rolley, who is running for mayor of Baltimore and is really pushing an aggressive ed reform agenda (http://edreform.blogspot.com/2011/06/rolley-urges-vouchers-mayoral-control.html).  He called me and I just made another donation to him.  Here's the email update he just sent me:


Our polling shows that the interim Mayor is very vulnerable. While she enjoys high name recognition, she scores terribly on the three issues voters rank as most important in this election. Only 27% give her a positive score for "reducing violent crime" (66% give her a negative), 22% positive on "bringing new jobs to Baltimore" (66% negative), and most importantly, only 25% give her a positive score on "improving public schools" (64% negative).

Regarding education in particular, my numbers are especially strong. The least popular aspect of my education plan, vouchers for students in our worst performing middle schools, is supported by 54% of Democratic primary voters. My plans for jobs and crime prevention are similarly supported.

From our poll and from personal experience here, people are ready for change and are ready to vote for a candidate like me. We just need the funds to get my name and positions out to a broader audience.

Our next financial filing deadline is tonight at midnight. Any support the education reform community can generate before then would be especially appreciated. As long as we can get on TV in the last weeks of the campaign, this race is very winnable.

If your colleagues can contribute, they can do so through my ActBlue page here, or send a contribution to:

Friends of Otis Rolley
PO Box 2441
Baltimore, MD 21203




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