Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ravitch is NOT a paid union spokesperson

I perhaps took a bit of dramatic license calling Ravitch a "paid union spokesperson" (though I so much liked the acronym, PUS!).  To be clear, she is NOT actually a paid union spokesperson.  But she has, by her own admission, taken approximately $50,000 in speaking fees from the union over the past year or so and, while not officially a union spokesperson, I cannot find a single thing she's said or written in recent years that couldn't have been written by Randi.  That said, I do not think the speaking fees she's received have in any way influenced her views. Rather, she is in demand and able to command speaking fees BECAUSE of her views.


And by the way, it turns out that she won't be on the panel in NYC on Thursday that I advertised in my last email – hey, being on a panel with a pi**ed off Eva would scare me away too! ;-)

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