Thursday, November 03, 2011

Govt. Union Boss in Top 1%

Teacher union bosses are embracing Occupy Wall St., but they're hardly part of the 99%:

I plugged those salaries into the "What percent are you?" calculator. Here's what I found:

* National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel (parent group of the CTA): $543,868 in salary in benefits: He's actually a "1%er" — in the top 1 percent of incomes in America. So, by joining OWS, he's protesting against himself!

* American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten (parent of the California Federation of Teachers): $493,859. Turns out she's not in the top 1 percent — just the top 2 percent. So, she's part of the proletariate — she's an authentic 99%er. A real working-class person. Salt of the earth. Has trouble feeding herself.

* CTA President David Sanchez: $289,550. Another poor working stiff! He's in the top 4 percent. As Sands notes, that's "three times what an average teacher in CA makes." Yet he, too, is an authentic, working-class "99%er."

Actually: Bunch o' fat cats, living off our tax money.

And let's remember that this money for their salaries is forcibly taken from teachers' dues — which originally is funded with money stolen from taxpayers. Unions keep resisting any move to make union dues optional — even dues for political causes that teachers themselves may despise.

It's the best scam around because it's all done "for the children."


Govt. Union Boss in Top 1%

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