Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Should We Pay Teachers?

Andy Rotherham comments in Time Magazine on the AEI/Heritage Foundation teacher pay study (see my last email):

Bottom line: Saying teachers are systematically overpaid or persistently underpaid not only obscures the reality of the education landscape, it ignores a key lever that policymakers could be using to improve teacher effectiveness, i.e., paying the good ones more. Today, as a country, we don't have the teaching force we need. Although raising salaries won't fully offset problems like lousy working conditions or inept management that repel many would-be teachers, pay is obviously one important tool to attract and retain great teachers.

So from where I sit, we should pay teachers more but we should also pay them differently. Linking those two issues seems the best way through the current logjam.



How Should We Pay Teachers?

Do they earn too little — or too much? The pay question has no easy answers

By Andrew J. Rotherham | @arotherham | | 2


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