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Best and Worst in American Education, 2011

The Hoover Institution's Koret Task Force on K-12 Education is out with its Best and Worst in American Education, 2011:

Best and Worst in American Education, 2011

In an effort to inform the public and shape education reform in the upcoming year, members of the Hoover Institution's Koret Task Force on K-12 Education released their second annual list of the top five best and top five worst events in American education in 2011. This list indicates that several positive developments led to greater parental choice, system transparency and teacher accountability; however, "the worst" events indicate that there remains considerable room for improvement.

Take our poll to vote for what you think is the best and the worst event in education in 2011. Topping the Task Force's list as the best educational development in 2011 is reinvigorating school choice via opportunity scholarships and vouchers. This has resulted in private school choice moving ahead in many parts of the country. The worst development in 2011, according to the Task Force, has been the misreporting of the Atlanta Public Schools' cheating scandal.

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BEST Education Events of 2011

1. Reinvigoration of school choice via opportunity scholarships and vouchers.

2. The rollback of collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in Wisconsin, Indiana, New Jersey, Idaho, and (temporarily) Ohio.

3. California State Board of Education's rules that allow the "parent trigger" to operate.

4. Former DC chancellor Michelle Rhee's teacher-evaluation system left in place by new mayor Vincent Gray without substantial change.

5. Indiana's overall record of education reform.

WORST Education Events of 2011

1. The Atlanta cheating scandal.

2. Bungling of reauthorization of No Child Left Behind by a slowpoke Congress and a Constitution-oblivious president.

3. Postponement and delay by Race to the Top–winning states and weak oversight by the Obama administration

4. Governor Jerry Brown moving California from bad to worse.

5. The unions' victory in Ohio in overturning Governor Kasich's collective bargaining reforms.


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