Monday, January 16, 2012

Charter Network Facing Closure

A 3-school charter network is being shut down in NYC – again, dopey critics will celebrate this and claim it's negative for charter schools, but to the contrary it's great news that there's accountability (which should be applied to ALL public schools).  The biggest enemy of charter schools isn't the unions – it's crappy charter schools!

For the first time, officials are moving to shut down an entire New York City charter-school network.

Three schools that make up the Believe High School Network are slated to close in June after the state Education Department said on Tuesday it plans to revoke the charters of the two schools it oversees. The announcement came a day after the city Department of Education said it would close the Believe school under its purview.

Although the city's struggling schools generally face closure because of poor academic performance, the Believe schools are being targeted for fiscal and governance problems.


Charter Network Facing Closure


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