Monday, January 16, 2012

The Top Eight Books of 2011 That School Reformers Should Read

RiShawn Biddle with the best 8 ed-reform books of 2011 (sadly, I've only had a chance to read two, both of which I highly recommend, Class Warfare and parts of Special Interest):

What to read? These days, this isn't exactly a question likely on the minds of school reformers. After all, between the dirge of reports, the flurry of op-eds, and the hundreds of tweets churned out daily, there is certainly a lot to read. But everyone needs to take a few days out of the year to just plain read a book. Why? Partly for pleasure. But also because we all need intellectual stimulation, and to glean new ideas and insights on how to overhaul a failed education system; there is so much that can be gotten out of one good book. More importantly, we have to show the importance of literacy own children (including nephews and nieces) and not just talk about it.

This year, Dropout Nation is offering its help by selecting The Top Eight Books of 2011 That School Reformers Should Read. Culled from more than 100 books, the selections include a wide range of texts. This includes three books that aren't specifically focused on education; after all, school reformers need to continually glean lessons from history and from other sectors in order to build up the movement's intellectual caliber. (It also makes one well-rounded.)

The selections were judged on four criteria: Does it have a strong narrative or polemical power (also known as "is it well-written" or, would Mrs. Dropout Nation fall to sleep on it)? Are the lessons relevant to the reform of American public education? Is the book thought-provoking (or does it offer new arguments or new thinking on familiar issues)? And would you pay at least $14 to put it on your Nook Color or Kindle Fire (or, for those of you still reading traditional books, pay at least $20 for the paperback or hardcover)?

Below are Dropout Nation's selections. Offer your own suggestions in the comments. And, most importantly, read, read, read.


The Top Eight Books of 2011 That School Reformers Should Read

December 20, 2011 1 Comment by Dropout Nation Editorial Board

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