Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Author criticizes Jindal education plan

Ravitch was in New Orleans recently and, as usual, didn't let facts get in the way of her storyline.  She said:


"In Colorado, the graduation rate among students with vouchers was 12 percent, she said, whereas the rate in public schools was 78 percent."


John Kirtley responds:


Colorado has never had a voucher program. One passed the legislature back in 2001 (I believe, or 2002) but the state Supreme Court knocked it down on a bogus "local control" argument. Last Douglas County said "OK, we have control, we want to do a voucher program." But since the usual suspects got an injunction against it, no kids have received and vouchers yet. So where is this mythical Colorado voucher program that had a 12 percent graduation rate? I guess she hasn't seen the reports from the Milwaukee and DC programs, where the graduation rates of the voucher programs are significantly higher than those of the public schools.


Author criticizes Jindal education plan

Mike Hasten, The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana)

March 3, 2012 Saturday


LAFAYETTE - Gov. Bobby Jindal and several other governors across the country have bought into an education reform plan that won't work, a nationally recognized education adviser and author told members of the Louisiana School Boards Association on Thursday.

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