Friday, March 23, 2012

Blended Learning Sports Variety of Approaches

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Blended Learning Sports Variety of Approaches

Teacher Katie Glass, middle, talks to student Christian Guillen about history at Bronx Arena High School in New York City while student Maribel Peralta works on an assignment. Bronx Arena blends online instruction and face-to-face teaching to help students who have not succeeded in traditional public schools.

—Emile Wamsteker for Education Week

As schools mix online instruction and face-to-face learning, educators are identifying promising hybrid approaches

By Katie Ash

As blended learning models, which mix face-to-face and online instruction, become more common in schools, classroom educators and administrators alike are navigating the changing role of teachers—and how schools can best support them in that new role.

"This is a whole new world for education," says Royce Conner, the acting head of school for the 178-student San Francisco Flex Academy , a public charter school.

In the grades 9-12 school, students spend about half the day working on "the floor"—a large open room of study carrels where students hunker down with their laptops to work with online curricula provided by K12 Inc.—and the other half of the day in pullout groups with teachers. Which students are in pullout groups, when the groups meet, and how often they meet depend on the progress each student is making in his or her...

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