Friday, March 23, 2012

Ready, Fire, Aim? Contemporary school reforms and our deepest educational values

This looks like a great conference in DC on the 30th:


Ready, Fire, Aim?  Contemporary school reforms and our deepest educational values


Friday, March 30th 2012, 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

American University - Katzen Arts Center - Washington, DC


American education is in the midst of several profound and far-reaching reforms to both the ends and means of schooling, including the movements for "common core" standards, portfolio school districts, school choice, and blended/online learning, to name a few.  And both parties are in on the act, from the Bush administration's "No Child Left Behind" to President Obama's "Race to the Top."  How should we understand the leading strands in education reform today, and to what extent do they align - or conflict - with our fundamental values?  Please join us for a conference featuring an all-star panel of education experts, brought together from across the ideological and professional spectrum to address the challenge of reconciling theory and practice on this most urgent of issues.


Distinguished panelists include:

·         Chester Finn, Fordham Foundation and former Assistant US Secretary of Education for President Reagan

·         Andy Rotherham, Education Sector / EduWonk & former Domestic Policy Advisor to President Clinton

·         William Galston, Brookings Institution & former Domestic Policy Advisor to President Clinton

·         John Agresto, President Emeritus, St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM

·         Richard Barth, CEO, KIPP Foundation

·         Paul Hill, Univ. of Washington Center on Reinventing Public Education

·         Bob Nardo, Chief Operating Officer, Tennessee Achievement School District

·         Meira Levinson, Harvard University

·         G. Borden Flanagan, American University

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