Friday, March 23, 2012

Seattle Teachers Union Seeks to Ban Teach For America

Seattle has a mere 6 TFA corps members – but that's six too many for the union, which is trying to oust them, regardless of what's best for kids:


Last year, the Washington Education Association "invested" $11,500 in two candidates who were successfully elected to the Seattle school board.

     It appears that investment is already paying dividends for the state's largest teachers union.

     According to the state's Public Disclosure Commission website, WEA's political action committee gave $9,000 and $2,500 to the respective campaigns of Marty McLaren and Sharon Peaslee.

     Now, McLaren and Peaslee are spearheading efforts to oust Teach for America from Seattle Public Schools, just four months after being sworn in as board members. At last week's school board meeting, McLaren introduced a motion to terminate the district's contract with six TFA educators, who have been on the job since last fall.

    Nobody has accused the TFA instructors of doing a bad job. It's just that they take jobs that might otherwise go to overpaid, less motivated union members, and the union won't stand for that.


Seattle Teachers Union Seeks to Ban Teach For America

By Larry Sand, on March 13th, 2012

Teachers unions, known for fighting to keep pedophiles in the classroom, try to get rid of good teachers in Seattle.

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