Saturday, April 07, 2012

Spring Branch ISD embraces popular charter schools

 It's great to see this partnership in Houston among KIPP, YES Prep, and the Spring Branch Independent School District, especially given that charter schools are sometimes criticized for not partnering well with regular public schools (which is truly ironic, given The Blob's constant attempts to crush charters).  

Spring Branch ISD embraces popular charter schools

An innovative partnership just forged between the Spring Branch ISD and the KIPP and YES Prep charter school systems will put about 750 middle school students into charter programs next school year.

KIPP will launch a school inside Landrum Middle for about 400 students and YES will open its campus inside Northbrook Middle for about 350 students. YES Prep Public will also open a high school at Northbrook High that will absorb students from the two middle schools, officials said.

The project is true collaboration, KIPP co-founder Mike Feinberg said. In addition to starting the schools, KIPP will provide leadership training and YES will provide teacher training. At some point, the schools expect to pen electronic textbook and teacher guides together.

"We're trying to practice what we preach, this idea of a public system of schools," Feinberg said.

A previous partnership attempt between YES Prep and HISD's Lee High School was short-lived because of logistical issues. Officials said they are more optimistic this time around.

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