Monday, June 11, 2012

Support Brian Johnson

Please support ( my friend and ed reform warrior Brian Johnson, who ran TFA in LA and founded Larchmont Charter Schools, and is now running for State Assembly in CA:





Just a little update about Brian Johnson, the leader of Larchmont Schools and former head of TFA in Los Angeles who was our Ed Reformer of the Month last September.

We're giving Brian our first ever DFER Fist Bump! It's a little online acknowledgment when a previous Ed Reformer of the Month does something especially noteworthy.

In this case, Brian's campaign recently hosted a big group for the official opening of their campaign office. They now have canvassers hitting the streets and signs posted throughout the community (really awesome signs – look closely below). They also released information about Brian's most recent fundraising haul and he has more money on hand than any of his opponents – but not by too much!

Please join me in giving Brian an online "fist bump" today by contributing $10 to his campaign.Just click here.

The last primary in the 40th district had fewer than 20,000 total votes so each dollar goes a long way. And Election Day for this race is June 5th so don't wait.

Props to Brian,


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