Monday, July 23, 2012

Update on Tennessee from Chris Barbic

 A Tennessee update from Chris Barbic, founder of YES Prep in Houston (he was a fellow TFA corps member (and roommate?) of Dave Levin and Mike Feinberg in the early 1990s) and currently the Superintendent of Tennessee's Achievement School District:


Last week was a big week in Tennessee:  (1) the Governor signed the NCLB waiver replacing the old accountability system with a new one that focuses on growth and eliminating achievement gaps between sub-groups (posted at:, (2) the bill also give us in the Achievement School District the operating flexibility we need to effectively move our bottom 5% schools to the top 25% in five years, and (3) the Charter School Growth Fund announced big investments in two TN-based CMOs – LEAD Public Schools in Nashville and Gestalt Public Schools in Memphis. 


Lots left to do but know that we are plugging away…

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