Monday, July 23, 2012

Uplift Education charter schools in Dalla

Kudos to Uplift Education charter schools in Dallas:


Yesterday both the Washington Post and Newsweek released their top 100 public high school lists. Uplift Education was thrilled to have all 5 of our high schools on the top 100 list for the Washington Post.  See the specific ranks below:


Uplift Education North Hills Prep - #23

Uplift Education Summit International Prep - #28

Uplift Education Peak Prep - #33

Uplift Education Hampton Prep - #40

Uplift Education Williams Prep - #68


We were also pleased to have 4 of our schools on the Newsweek top 1,000 public high school list and 3 of them on the Top 25 Transformative List (which accounts for stellar performance at schools with high Title 1 populations):


North Hills - #14 nationwide


Summit - #59 nationwide, #3 Transformative


Williams - #264 nationwide, #8 Transformative


Peak - #537 nationwide, #16 Transformative

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