Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two Stories on Voter Suppression

A friend with two stories re. voter suppression:

Lacking your courage in the face of intense public scrutiny and discord, I usually keep politics to myself.  2 events, however, are consonant with your notes of voter suppression efforts (both are anecdotal yet disturbing):

1) I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Chile and am using my Spanish skills to do "Latino voter outreach" for Obama in my home market of south florida. When I ask "are you registered to vote", I've heard repeatedly (maybe a 8 or 10 times) "no - es que nos pueden echar" -- roughly translated "no, they can kick us out (of the country)."

2) The following from an African American college buddy who's now a doctor in North Carolina:

"The Republicans have stopped at nothing - here is what they have done in NC and maybe nationwide:

1. Disseminating confusing info about who can vote
2. Hiring fakes to run voter registration drives and throwing away registrations that weren't Republican (I had this happen to me personally here in NC)
3. Buying questionable non-fully audited voter machines
4. Giving people the wrong dates to go and vote.
And yet their supporters condone/love this type of behavior. You have to question the motives of the people who support this kind of behavior."

What a stain on the integrity of the greatest nation man has constructed.... Keep up your cogent and courageous advocacy!

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