Monday, November 05, 2012

Gloria Romero Urges Californians to Vote YES on Prop 32

Californians understand that Sacramento is broken and that special interests – whether from the left or the right – have crowded us out.

We also understand that corruption is rampant in a state that is fueled by money and lobbyists who wine and dine legislators and stuff their campaign coffers with checks. We know that they have forgotten that they are supposed to speak for us and our children. We understand that money speaks louder than our families.

Having served in the Legislature, I understand how that robbing of the people's voice has occurred. I witnessed the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" transactions made out of public sight. These transactions have resulted in a public education system that has failed parents and children, year after year, yet have enriched the largest teachers' association which is able to literally intimidate legislators into not even voting for the most sensible of bills: like adopting sound procedures for firing teachers who have sexually abused innocent children.

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