Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jason Riley on Black Politicians and Black Voters

Jason Riley with an op ed in the WSJ about how black politicians too often continue to sell out black parents and children:

Mr. Blackman concludes that the level of black support "flatly contradicts one of the flimsiest canards used to criticize Amendment 1—and charter schools in general. That is: the idea that somehow charter schools end up hurting minority or poorer students while disproportionately helping white and middle class children."

Mr. Blackman's analysis illustrates the disconnect between the agenda of the black political leadership and the actual concerns of blacks in general and the black underclass in particular. For decades, polls have consistently shown that black parents favor vouchers, charter schools and other options that allow their children to escape a system that consigns poor students to violent, dysfunctional learning environments, even while black lawmakers and civil rights organizations typically have sided with teachers unions that oppose such measures.

Which is to say that these so-called black leaders who oppose school choice are not only wrong on the merits—black children with access to vouchers and charters have better academic outcomes—but also are blatantly ignoring the preferences of their black constituents. To all of the other problems that low-income minorities endure, add derelict political representatives.

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