Monday, February 04, 2013

"The Revisionaries" Documentary

Speaking of great documentaries, I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but wanted to pass along this email from a friend:

My wife and I saw "The Revisionaries" tonight on PBS' "Inside Lens" series. I had heard of the documentary but hadn't seen it before. It followed the powerful Texas Board of Education during their 2010 revision of the textbooks. They showed how the right wing members tried to rewrite history, erroneously ban "Brown, Brown Bear, what do you see?" as the writings of a communist, remove all examples of institutional racism from social studies books, mitigate the condition of slavery in the US and add Judeo/Christian references at every juncture. It was incredibly frustrating. Have you seen it? At least we read that the Texas legislature wrested control of textbook purchases from the Board of Ed and placed it with the school districts. Wow!

It can be viewed online here

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