Sunday, June 09, 2013

Facts on Weigand

More from Parent Revolution with the facts on what’s going on at Weigand (not that Ravitch EVER cares about facts anymore) – see here 1, 2. Here’s the summary:

Dear Media Colleagues - 

Many of you have no doubt seen coverage of the ongoing story of Weigand parents fighting to turnaround their community school through the Parent Trigger process. 

But what you have not seen reported is data that demonstrates how objectively and comparatively substandard academic outcomes have been at the school.

Only 19 of LAUSD’s 483 elementary schools had scores that either declined or stagnated every single year since 2009.  

Among these, Weigand’s API scores consistently ranked in the bottom 3.

Weigand's API scores have dropped 27 points under its current leadership, making it the 15th worst ranked elementary school in LAUSD.

For your consideration, we have included/attached additional data points that provide additional objective and comparative information about Weigand Avenue Elementary since 2009 (under the leadership of the outgoing principal).

As stated before, the facts are inescapable. Weigand Avenue Elementary is a school in academic and student achievement decline throughout the tenure of this principal. The parents, unwilling to allow this to continue, have successfully chosen the option that holds this principal directly accountable -- and now removes her.

See below/attached for more data points.


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