Monday, August 05, 2013

myEDmatch Finds Right Fit For Teachers

Another critical element of increasing the number of high-quality teachers is matching them with schools that are a good fit, so let me tell you about myEDmatch, which I heard about from Chris Barbic last week. He raved it and is using it to attach top teachers to TN, especially Memphis, and match them to theright schools for them. myEDmatch was founded and launched in February by Alicia Herald, who was Americorps/TFA in south central LA and then was the founding Executive Director of Teach For America – Kansas City for nearly five years (see interview with her here). I asked her to write me something I could include in my email:

More than 15,000 teachers using myEDmatch to find a jobs in schools that are a great match. 

The cultural alignment between schools and teachers is often overlooked, but it is one of the best predictors of mutual success. Like any other relationship, FIT MATTERS. myEDmatch is a job-matching site for educators that connects schools and teachers with shared missions, beliefs, and goals.  We help great teachers and great schools find each other, leading to great outcomes for kids.

“Every year, more than half a million teachers in public and private K-12 schools change jobs,” said Alicia Herald, founder and CEO of myEDmatch.  “An estimated 1 out of 2 new teachers leave the profession after five years, largely due to dissatisfaction with their work environments.  The cost of recruiting and training new teachers each year is a staggering $7 billion across the country – not to mention the devastating impact teacher turnover has on students and communities.”

So myEDmatch has made it radically easier to connect the right teacher to the right classroom.  Teachers and schools build online profiles, get matched based on a survey of their core beliefs about education, search for jobs and candidates that meet their needs, and communicate with their favorites, ultimately landing the right teacher in the right classroom.
We help schools:

·  Instantly access thousands of candidates from across the country for hard-to-fill positions
·  Stretch their limited dollars and save them countless hours with our efficient platform
·  Identify teachers that fit the culture and mission of their school community
·  Apply over two dozen search criteria for candidates

And we help teachers:

·          Develop a comprehensive digital resume and teaching portfolio
·          Get matched with good-fit schools
·          Find job opportunities that meet their personal and professional preferences
·          Save time and energy in the search for their first or next teaching job

Teachers can build an online profile and search for jobs for FREE at  Schools should contact to learn more about annual subscriptions.
myEDmatch launched in February of this year and is already working to support over 350 schools across the country – from Building Excellent Schools, YES Prep, IDEA, Noble Street, and KIPP to Clark County School District and the Achievement School District in Memphis. 

Learn more online:
Facebook: /myEDmatch
Twitter: @myEDmatch
As seen in Education Week and the Huffington Post

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