Sunday, September 01, 2013

Vote to Help Relay GSE

Please vote to help Relay GSE:

Relay GSE has submitted a proposal to lead a panel discussion titled Bricks, Blends & MOOCS – Flipping an Ed School at South By Southwest's Education Conference. As part of the selection process, SXSW asks the public to vote for the proposals they most want to see at the 2014 event; voting is now live through September 6th

Might you be able to share this description of our proposal in an upcoming e-blast?
In the beginning, we were brick and mortar. Classes happened in rooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. As the Teacher U at Hunter College program grew into the independent and fully accredited Relay Graduate School of Education, our model and mode of instruction evolved. Today, approximately 40% of our two-year Master's Degree program is online.

This session describes how a traditional brick and mortar school of education innovated around its instructional delivery. We present case studies that highlight how we decided these core issues: (1) how to preserve instructor voice, (2) how to design online assessments that provide meaningful opportunities to demonstrate mastery, and (3) how to improve in-person instruction based on the experience of producing a MOOC. The session concludes with a discussion of how programs can promote adaptive, data-driven curricular design and instructional support with the goal of enhancing student learning and engagement.

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