Wednesday, June 18, 2014

KIPP is hiring COOs in New Orleans and St. Louis

Speaking of KIPP, it's hiring COOs in New Orleans and St. Louis:
Spotlight on Talent – Chief Operating Officers
Two KIPP regions are hiring for a Chief Operating Officer. These are incredible opportunities to work hand-in-hand with EDs on scaling in some of our most rapidly growing communities. 
·        KIPP New Orleans: New Orleans is upheld as a national example of community-wide impact in urban districts across the country.  Ideal candidates have the demonstrated ability to build consensus, and facilitate collaboration in one of our largest and most dynamic regions serving students in 10 schools:New Orleans COO
·        KIPP St. Louis: This is an incredible opportunity for an experienced leader to deliver high performing operational services and shape the direction of growth.  KIPP St. Louis will double in size in the next two years, growing from 2 to 4 schools in 2015: St. Louis COO

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