Saturday, August 02, 2014

Greetings from the KIPP Summit

I’m at the annual KIPP Summit in Houston, celebrating KIPP's 20th anniversary, at a quick break before dinner and the closing gala, which is always incredibly inspirational (and will have 13,000 people this year!), so I wanted to send out a quick email related to what I saw today.


Here are some pics:



The top pic is of Jim Collins (author of Good to Great) giving a great talk this morning; the lower right pic is NYT columnist, David Brooks, who spoke last night; and the last one is me with Dan Porterfield, the ed warrior President of Franklin & Marshall College (note our matching beards – I have some summer stubble going…; also note my KIPP Infinity t-shirt; those of you who’ve been on this email a long time will recognize the shirt, which is at least a decade old and has been around the world many times).


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