Sunday, December 28, 2014

Success in Camden, NJ

Some extraordinary data from KIPP NJ, where its one high school in Newark "sent twice as many African-American kids to a 4-year college than the entire Camden school district did" and nearly twice as many as the next-best high school in Newark (see data below).
And, to rebut another pernicious lie, it's not because the school has higher attrition: in fact, as the chart below shows, at 8%, the school has close to the lowest attrition of any school in Newark (and all of Newark's charter schools are, collectively, well below average for the district).

KIPP NJ Sends More African American Students to College than Any School in Newark, All of Camden
As you may have seen, we recently posted an analysis of college matriculation rates to our TEAM Schools blog.  Here is an excerpt:

KIPP NJ currently has one public charter high school: Newark Collegiate Academy. And that one school, which had just over 100 total graduates last year, sent more African American males to a 4-year college than all schools in Camden combined. (Using most recent available data. Note that these are actual numbers, not projections.)

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