Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why teacher unions hated Hillary Clinton when she was Arkansas First Lady

Hillary (and Bill) have a long history of breaking with the teachers' unions, which bodes well:

…after Bill got elected governor four years later, many of his early boosters from labor felt betrayed. Specifically, the teachers unions were infuriated over the couple's advocacy of an education reform proposal that mandated teacher testing. The National Education Association and its Arkansas affiliate worked against the Clintons after they backed the measure in 1983.

— Hillary's first significant public role was heading an education commission for Bill, a precursor to her role as health care czar in his first term. The efforts she supported were heartily endorsed by the business community, including a dark-money nonprofit group funded by WalMart founder Sam Walton. (Tom and Matea Gold explored this in part one of their story on the Clinton money machine yesterday, which you can read here.)

— Hillary was booed by teachers when she showed up at education forums as Arkansas First Lady to pitch her proposal. "I believe the governor's teacher testing bill has done inestimable damage to the Arkansas teaching profession and to the image of this state," Peggy Nabors, the president of the Arkansas Education Assn, wrote in a 1983 letter to her members. She called it "a radical departure from what educators or the makers of standardized test themselves believe is appropriate or fair." She added that the proposal "represents the final indignity" and closed by urging teachers to "make a contribution to political candidates who will support a more progressive education program."

The Daily 202: Why teacher unions hated Hillary Clinton when she was Arkansas First Lady

 November 20, 2015

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