Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Charter Schools Program Enhancement Act of 2007


It's great to see a Democrat -- from New York! -- as one of the sponsors of this charter school bill in the House:

29 Jun 2007

The Charter Schools Program Enhancement Act of 2007

Hurray for H.R. 2904...

Yesterday, Representative Charles W. Boustany (R-LA) introduced an important piece of education reform legislation, “The Charter Schools Program Enhancement Act of 2007”, that officially kicks off the discussion of charters in the NCLB reauthorization process.

This bill would make several improvements to a highly successful program. (In fact, it incorporates many of the recommendations put forward by the National Alliance, which were distilled from over a year and a half of meetings and discussions with charter school stakeholders.

Highlights include:

  • Continuing support for charter start-ups
  • Providing greater support for the expansion and replication of successful charter models.
  • Strengthening the Education Secretary's ability to use grant selection criteria to encourage improvements in state charter laws.
  • Allowing charter school authorizers to serve as grant administrators in addition to state education agencies.
  • Allowing the Secretary of Education to allocate funds between the Charter Schools Program and State Facilities Incentive Grants Program.
  • Creating a national dissemination program to encourage the sharing of charter schools’ best practices among public schools across the nation.
We greatly appreciate Representative Boustany's leadership and support for the national charter school movement. He has been a true champion for charters this year; he also introduced the House Resolution recognizing National Charter Schools Week.

We would also like to thank all of the original co-sponsors: Representative McKeon (R-CA) Representative Hoekstra (R-MI), Representative Castle (R-DE), Representative Fortuno (R-PR), and especially Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). Rep. McCarthy’s support made this a bi-partisan effort, demonstrating again that charters aren't about party; they're about providing new, high-quality public education options for children.



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