Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog Attack

I view it as a badge of honor when guys like this go after me with a pack of lies, esp. when I'm linked to someone like Andy Rotherham:  He likes  Obama and vouchers.

A while back, Alexander  Russo asked the question, "Who  the hell is Whitney Tilson?"  Turns out he's part of a group of four Ownership Society entrepreneurs trying to make a killing in the charter school business. See my post on this here and Elizabeth Green's story in the New York Sun. He's  also a player in KIPP, a union hater, and a Democratic (yes, I said Democratic) Party honcho who claims to support Barak Obama.  

Not surprisingly, he a favorite of Andy Rotherham, who runs Tilson's  pro-voucher commentary on his Eduwonk  bog. <>  

With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?

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"Trying to make a killing in the charter school business"?!  Yeah, that's right, the charter school business is so profitable that I'm telling all my friends in the hedge fund business that they're in the wrong business.  My message: "If you really want to make a lot of money, start a charter school!"  LOL!
And I guess anyone who criticizes the behavior of the teachers unions is ipso facto a union hater.  HA!  I am not a union hater -- though I hate many things that certain unions do.
I love his final line "With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?".  I want Democrats to be so strong in leading the charge on school reform that Republican support isn't necessary -- that's the goal!!!
PS--It's Barack, not Barak.

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