Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Become Mandi's hero

If you haven't joined a bone marrow donor registry, it's really easy and you could save someone's life:


To the Yale community:


We are writing to you today because we need your assistance to save a Yale student's life. Mandi Schwartz, a 22-year old member of the Yale women's ice hockey team, has recently been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia for the second time. She is currently back home in Saskatchewan undergoing chemotherapy, and within the next 60 days she will have to have a stem cell transplant to survive. We have not yet located a donor who is a perfect match.


Under the leadership of Dr. Tedd Collins, a New Haven-based clinical immunologist, we are undertaking a world-wide search for cord blood and bone marrow donors. In addition to helping Mandi, these donors could also save the lives of many others with life-threatening illnesses. Dr. Collins has launched the "Become Mandi's Hero" campaign to coordinate our efforts to find donors.

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