Friday, February 04, 2011

Passing of Harriett Ball

STOP THE PRESSES!!! #1  I just learned that America has lost one of her all-time greatest teachers, Harriett Ball.  Here's the email I just received from KIPP co-founders Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin:

Team and Family –

It is with heavy hearts that we write to you that the KIPP family, and all of America, has lost one of our heroes.  Early this morning, Harriett Ball passed away from a heart attack.

As you know, Harriett's ideas and philosophy about teaching and the amazing heart and love she brought to kids was the foundation upon which all of KIPP was built.  Put simply, KIPP would not exist without Harriett.

Every KIPPster who has sung a chant or used a mnemonic device is standing on the shoulders of Harriett's brilliance.  Every time we talk about character mattering as much as academics, we are quoting Harriett Ball.  As we teach with the mindset that ALL of us WILL learn, we honor Harriett's memory.

Her legacy will live on through each of us and our students.

Watching Harriett teach was akin to watching any genius in action – she made one of the world's most difficult endeavors seem effortless.  We first met her 19 years ago and despite having already taught for 27 years, Harriett taught eight hours every day with the freshness and enthusiasm as if it was her first day.

Yesterday, she was spending what would turn out to be her final day doing what she was the best in the world at – teaching. 

Harriett was one of KIPP's biggest cheerleaders and every time we spoke she simply kept saying, "You go boy.  Keep helping as many of my babies as you can."  Harriett, that is exactly what we're doing, and that is exactly what we're going to keep doing.

Please join us in keeping Harriett and her family in our thoughts and prayers.  In the coming days we will be thinking of ways to honor further Harriett's legacy and contributions to education.

One Love and Plow On,
Mike and Dave

To see Harriett in action, watch this 3:28 CBS News video, which also highlights her impact on KIPP:;photovideo

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