Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Appeal from Sekou Biddle:

An appeal from ed reformer Sekou Biddle:



            I hope that you are all well.  I wanted to take a moment to reach out to all of you I have not caught up with recently.  It was great to see many of you in DC during the TFA 20 Anniversary Summit or at various events over the years.  For those I have not connect with recently here is the short version.  Since leaving Atlanta for DC in 2005 I worked for KIPP for two years, was elected the DC Board of Education twice, served as the Executive Director of Jumpstart's Southern region for four years, this Spring served as an interim appointee to the Council of the District of Columbia (our city council) and ran in a special election for a permanent seat on the Council.  Cara my wife is the Medical Director of a general pediatrics clinic and the boys Theo (11) and Rashad (6) are in middle and elementary school are generally fantastic.

            While I was disappointed by the outcome of the last election and I am more motivated now than ever to continue the career of public service that has meant so much to me and allowed me to impact so many lives.  Unfortunately I still have some remaining debts to settle from my campaign so today I am asking for your help.  Can you make a small contribution ($25 or $50, but nothing is too small) to assist me with retiring my remaining campaign debt so I can focus on my next opportunity to serve my community.  If so please click here ( to make a contribution online on my website or learn how you can mail a contribution to my campaign.  If not I understand and I continue to wish you well in your personal and professional pursuits.  And please stay in touch and update me on what you are doing these days.



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